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  • Q1.What is the Wholesale7 VIP Program ? +

    Wholesale7 VIP is a program that offers a range of services & privileges exclusively to our

    most frequent buyers which is based on how much you spent on Wholesale7 .

    There is no cost to join.

    Membership is FREE for eligible members.

  • Q2.How to Apply for Wholesale7 VIP Program? +

    Our System will upgrade your VIP Level once your V points meets the below standard .

    For example , if you place an order with item price 100 USD,

    One the order is shipped out and tracking number is updated,

    100 V points will be added to your account directly .

    Once you log in , The item price you see is based on your VIP Level .

    VIP Level V Points Required Item Price Spent Discount
    VIP4 10000 V Points Over 10000 USD 25% OFF
    VIP3 5000 V Points Over 5000 USD 20% OFF
    VIP2 1000 V Points Over 1000 USD 15% OFF
    VIP1 200 V Points Over 200 USD 10% OFF
    VIP0 None Less than 200 USD 0% OFF

    Noted :

    Products under the below promotions will not enjoy the VIP discount at the same time .

    ①Up to 60% OFF ②Flash Deal

    ③Buy M pieces Spent N USD ④Buy 4 Get 1 Free ⑤ Points for cash

    If you think you are eligible and have not yet received VIP discount ,

    please email us at: We will check for you .

  • Q3.How can I check my VIP Level ?+

    Pls log in your account on W7 then can check your current VIP Level and V Points .

  • Q4.Will my VIP privileges permanent validity ? +

    Yes, Your VIP Level is Permanently valid .

  • Q5.What if I register a new account? Will my VIP points / Level vanish ?+

    Yes, It will .

    So in order you can enjoy our VIP privilege ,

    Pls use the same account to place the order and collect the VIP points to upgrade .

  • Q6.What is the difference between V points and consumption points on W7 ?+

    V Points just can be collected by your consumption amount .

    1 USD spent = 1 V Point .

    The VIP Level is decided on the V Points in your account .

    Consumption Points can be collected by many ways and can be used as Cash

    during ti check out . 100 consumption points = 1 USD

    More information about it Pls check.

  • Q7.How do I get my Birthday Gift ?+

    Pls contact your sales manager or email us at:

    with your identity card And our team will arrange for you , Thank you .







Receive the wholesale7 special promotions And discounts for you.

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